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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Late-night legend David Letterman's ugly personality no laughing matter, former colleagues say

A retired Letterman sporting a fierce beard.NY Daily News     "Late-night funnyman David Letterman was hardly a barrel of laughs off the air.
"A new biography of the now-retired talk show host portrays Letterman as more self-loathing than self-critical — and an often miserable man who inflicted his pain on his staff.
“ 'He was never truly comfortable unless he was seething with unhappiness at something,” one longtime writer told author Jason Zinoman in “Letterman: The Last Giant of Late Night.”
"In fact, few of the acerbic Letterman’s close colleagues sang his praises to Zinoman.
"Letterman’s demeanor soured after July 1995, when his CBS front-running program dipped to second place behind “The Tonight Show” with former friend-turned-enemy Jay Leno." . . .

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