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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Look at Obama’s Plan to Stop Donald Trump

Image result for obama giving finger photosIndependent Sentinel    "Barack Obama left the White House with his appointments embedded in key positions and among the most crucial is the judiciary. His plan was to leave judicial activists in place to fight and overrule Trump’s every agenda item.

"In order for leftists to take power, they have to use force and deceit because they can’t win on policy. One of the avenues of power Obama concentrated on in his eight years in office was the judiciary. While Republicans began to slow-walk some of the judicial appointments, Obama was still remarkably successful in putting activist judges on the court.
"Obama left office having appointed 329 judges to lifetime posts on federal courts, more than one-third of the judiciary. As Politico said, they are “moving American jurisprudence in Obama’s direction”. Judges aren’t supposed to write law, they are supposed to interpret law but that isn’t what is happening.
"Included in the numbers are two leftist Supreme Court justices and four judges on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, the two most powerful courts in the nation.
"Democratic appointees now have a 7-4 advantage on the D.C. panel, and those activist judges will play a major role in deciding cases during the Trump administration related to environmental regulations, health care, national security, consumer protections and challenges to executive orders." . . .

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