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Thursday, March 16, 2017

When the violent campus reflects a sordid culture

Scorning Middlebury is easy, but rioting students reflect a civilization in chaos

Suzanne Fields

Illustration on campus culture by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

"Middlebury College, a symbol of violent rioting in the name of tolerance, is easy to scorn and disdain. Nice boys and girls, sons and daughters of nice moms and dads, get caught acting out on intolerant impulses, and a “disturbance” sends a professor to the hospital. (At Ole Miss this would be called a “riot.”)
"Middlebury College is nestled on 350 bucolic acres in the Champlain Valley of Vermont, and the college Web page says all the right things about being welcoming and diverse, and showing respect and resilience to differing viewpoints to train “thoughtful and ethical leaders able to meet the challenges of informed citizenship.”
"But citizenship and challenges ain’t what they used to be, either in the groves of academe or in the culture where we all live. Student riots are not new, of course (almost nothing is), and in the Middle Ages adolescent boys in England and Europe banged their mugs of ale on mess hall tables and repaired to the streets of the town to break things and teach the unwashed townies a thing or two about civilized behavior." . . .

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