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Friday, March 17, 2017

Was Chelsea Clinton's new book, She Persisted, inspired by Paula Jones?

Ed Straker  "Chelsea Clinton has written (or at least someone has written) a new book calledShe Persisted about great people in history who didn't give up – as long as they weren't men.  You have to wonder what the inspiration for this book was (besides money).
Some thoughts:
1) Do you think Chelsea was moved by the story of Paula Jones?  Ms. Jones accused Chelsea's dad, Bill Clinton, of sexually assaulting her.  Mr. and Mrs. Clinton assaulted Jones's character, but she sued and settled for $850,000 from the Clintons.  She persisted!2) If Chelsea had written a biographical account of her father's sexual conquests, do you think instead of "She Persisted" it would have been entitled "She Resisted"?  If she did write the book about President Clinton, do you think it would have been most appropriately done as a pop-up book for kids?3) If Chelsea had written the book about her mother, do you think it might have been entitled "She Persisted (but not in Michigan, Ohio, or Wisconsin)"?4) Do you think Chelsea will have read the book's contents before it is published?5) Below is what is allegedly a photo of Chelsea as well as a photo of a young Princess Leia from Rogue One.  Can you guess which photo is computer-generated (CGI)?

6) If you put the photo of Chelsea in front of a brick wall and come back two hours later, will the brick wall have two holes bored through it?7) Can we ever expect Chelsea to write a book that will have men in it?8) How many of the female "she persisted" stories do you think will feature Muslim women?9) I noticed that Hillary Clinton is not featured in the book, which is about "13 women who changed the world."  Do you think Mrs. Clinton could have been in the book if it had been about "13 women who almost changed the world"?

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