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Monday, April 3, 2017

Not So Cool Hand Chuck


Power Line Blog  "Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell appeared on both FOX News Sunday and Meet the Press yesterday, mostly to address the prospective confirmation of Judge Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. Senator McConnell spoke “with the calm confidence of a Christian holding four aces” (to borrow Walter Blair’s misquotation of Mark Twain). He vowed that Judge Gorsuch would be confirmed and that Democrats would dictate the manner of his confirmation.
"McConnell noted that no Supreme Court nominee had ever been the subject of a partisan filibuster. He harked back to the confirmation of Clarence Thomas with 52 votes in 1991. He observed that Chuck Schumer and the Democrats had pioneered the use of the filibuster to block judicial nominees during the first term of the second President Bush. He laughed at Chuck Todd as Todd badgered him about Merrick Garland. I thought Senator McConnell was fantastic (video below).

The left-wing Politics USA claimed McConnell "fell apart and could only nervously laugh " when asked about this by Chuck Todd. Here's the interview; tell me if that was fake news or not.

In this video, Obama debates with himself on late-term justice nominees such as Merrick Garland. He has a tell when he is irritated by a question, his reply begins with "Look. . . "

"In a development that’s likely to cause fits for President Barack Obama, the Senate Democrats’ next leader, Sen. Charles Schumer told an 2007 audience — on video — that he wanted to block any Supreme Court nominations for the last 18 months of President George W. Bush’s presidency. That’s seven months longer than the amount of time remaining to Obama’s presidency."

Would the LA Times claim Obama tried to steal steal Alito's seat when they nominated Kagan and Sotomayor for Justice after filibustering the choice of President Bush?
As a senator from Illinois, Obama and 23 other senators attempted to stage a filibuster to block a confirmation vote on Alito, one of former President George W. Bush’s picks to serve on the bench. The filibuster bid failed and Alito was confirmed.Conservatives have seized on Obama’s filibuster vote to accuse him of hypocrisy for criticizing Republicans for saying the next president, and not Obama, should nominate Scalia’s successor. 

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