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Monday, April 3, 2017

With bad polls for Trump, bring back Kellyanne Conway

"It's time for Trump to be the Big Dog once again. The people demand nothing less."
Monica Showalter  . . . "This is such sad news, given the meritlessness of the Russia "narrative" and the obstinacy and willingness to keep the status quo over compromise of the House Freedom Caucus.  What's more, Andrew Malcolm reports that the recriminations that have emerged in the wake of these snake-pit hissings is threatening the entire GOP agenda.

"The good news is that Trump can recover.  How do we know this?  Because he has, and he knows how.  Back during the 2016 presidential campaign, when all sorts of negative stories came out, Trump fought them off with vigor and energy by taking his case to the people.  That helped quite a bit.  But even more helpful, he re-steered the narrative back to substance and the issues.  That was the doing of campaign manager Kellyanne Conway.
"She knew what would bring Trump back in the polls, and her victory on election night was the final vindication.  She's since been buried in the Trump White House somewhere and now needs to be brought out front and center, just as she had been before.  She knows how to steer the political white noise back to issues and to the substantial, which is what people care about, and leave the nesting vipers of the D.C. Swamp to eat each other.  For that, she should be given wide berth to get this job done. " . . .

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