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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Six Public Enemies of Free Speech

Mike Adams

Six Public Enemies of Free Speech

"Six anti­-free speech Democrats have done the unthinkable in the State of North Carolina. They have voted to prevent HB 527 from passing through the higher education committee and onto the house floor for a full vote. Dubbed as a bill to “Restore and Preserve Campus Free Speech,” it is difficult to understand how anyone could be opposed, regardless of his political persuasion. (For more details on HB 527,click here ). 

"The need for HB 527 is clear given that only one UNC campus, UNC­ Chapel Hill, has been rated by the non-­partisan Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) as a green-­light school. Green light schools are those universities with no policies that violate the First Amendment. Every university in America should be a green light university. Regrettably, there are less than two­-dozen in the entire nation.

"An astounding 11 campuses in the UNC system have been designated by FIRE as yellow light schools. Schools ranked as yellow light have at least one policy that is sufficiently vague that it could be used to quash First Amendment protected speech. The remaining four UNC campuses were designated as red light, which means they have at least one policy that clearly and substantially impairs free speech. Individual cases of free speech violations are not difficult to find in the UNC system. " . . .

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