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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Epic Trolling Of Maxine Waters Outside Her Town Hall Meeting…(Updated)

“Impeach Trump” Movement Saturates Mainstream and Left-leaning Media
"The “impeach Trump” movement started on inauguration day, if not before.  From unserious partisans like Maxine Waters pledging her waking hours to ensuring that the president be impeached to the mainstream media chiming in with articles from the Washington Post and the New York Times.
"Indeed, the tempo has increased this week with the following articles being published across the mainstream press and the regressive blogosphere between May 8 and May 14:
CNN A running list of Democrats who have discussed impeachmentHuffington Post:  There’s A Faster Way Than Russiagate To Remove Trump From OfficeHuffington Post:  The End of TrumpNew York Daily News:  Here’s the presidential order of succession — just in caseNewsweek:  Will Donald Trump Be Impeached or Removed From Office? Firing James Comey May Bring Him One Step Closer . . .more...
. . .  "Ultimately, however, the effort does little more than widen the existing partisan divide in this country and ensure that distrust in media continues to skyrocket."

Photos from Weasel Zippers

Washington Times: Maxine Waters, you’re embarrassing yourself   . . . “This president needs to be impeached,” she said. “I believe that. I believe there was collusion. We need to get on with the business of doing real investigations.”

"Sigh. If I were a Democrat right now? That’d be my reaction. Waters, who long ago abandoned any pretense at being a constitutionally minded member of the legislative branch, is now rapidly moving into a realm of reality that doesn’t even allow her the title of useful idiot. Even for Democrats, she’s becoming a liability — becoming a tool for the right to showcase the nuttiness of the left." . . .
But being the darling of Hollywood and the campus leftists counts for much more that simply saying intelligent things. TD

UPDATE: " lives in this 4.5 million dollar mansion & it isnt even in the crime ridden district she "represents"."

Where Waters lives and her district far away:

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