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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

On Hillary's interview with Christiane Amanpour (UPDATED)

. . . "That arrogance, that sort of we are in charge, we are going to be in charge again. We have so much power. We bring in the money. We bring in the people. That arrogance made it impossible for them literally to see what was in front of them, and that is that Bill Clinton was made a liability by Donald Trump’s presence. It as obvious to me when Donald Trump came on the scene, that Bill Clinton all of a sudden, the whole moral conversation can’t be had, or, you don’t want it to be had. And they could never see that. They always saw themselves as somehow off, off-limits for people to talk about."

Hillary Clinton still blames everyone but herself   " . . .Hillary Clinton has just shown again why she lost the election.  It's just amazing that she lacks any hint of introspection after her stunning loss to Republican Donald Trump seven months ago.  Speaking to CNN, she kept up the same drumbeat of blame she's always pushed dating her miserable, screaming, chair-throwing election night."


Hillary: I Am Now ‘Part Of The Resistance’

"Hillary will be teaching her fellow “resistance” fighters how to dodge sniper fire."

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