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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

A Thinking Mom's Message for Jimmy Kimmel

Michelle Malkin

A Thinking Mom's Message for Jimmy Kimmel

"I feel your pain. But please use your brain. 

"On Monday, late­night TV comedian Jimmy Kimmel delivered an emotional monologue about his newborn son. His baby was born with a congenital heart defect that required emergency open­heart surgery.

" Millions of American parents, myself included, have walked in Kimmel's shoes. We've experienced the terrifying roller coaster of emotions ­­ panic, helplessness, anger, anxiety, relief, grief and unconditional love ­­ that comes with raising chronically ill kids. 

"But Kimmel didn't use his high­profile platform to educate the public about coping with rare diseases. Or to champion the nation's best and brightest pediatric specialists and medical innovators. The Tinseltown celebrity turned his personal plight into a political weapon, which his liberal friends were all too happy to wield. Top Democrats tweeted their praise for Kimmel's advocacy of expanded government health care regulations: 
"Well said, Jimmy," Barack Obama gushed.
"Thanks @jimmykimmel for sharing your story & reminding us what's at stake w/health care," Hillary Clinton effused. 
"The Huffington Post piled on: "Jimmy Kimmel's Humanity Underscores Heartlessness Of GOP's Approach To The Poor."

"I don't need lectures from Huffington Post and Hollywood elites about having a heart. Neither do the rest of America's parents, whatever their political affiliations, who know what it's like to stay up night after endless night with suffering children, wondering whether they would ever be able to breathe normally again or see the light of the next day. 

"Kimmel doesn't need more maudlin Twitter suck­uppery. He needs a healthy fact­check." . . . 

Bret Baier of Fox News Special Report said he felt this same pain.More
. -We went thru the exact same thing w/ our son Paul-who's now the tallest kid in his class. Have faith
Good grief! Charles Hurt hits back at Kimmel in this.  . . . "I mean, really, Jimmy, does your newborn child not mean more to you than petty politics? How do you look at the miracle of your child and think — partisan politics!

"That is not to say he didn’t also lie and claim to be above partisan politics — even as he was pushing exactly that.
“ 'Let’s stop this nonsense,” he said. “This isn’t football; there are no teams. We are the team — it’s the United States. Don’t let their partisan squabbles divide us on something every decent person wants.”

"Yes, that’s right. He just had a kid and the kid nearly died and he wants you to know that if you are not for bloated federal bureaucracy, socialized medicine, higher taxes and tons of more debt piled onto your grandchildren, then you are not a “decent person.' ” . . .

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