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Friday, June 9, 2017

MEDIA CRITICISM: Media Headlines Misleading After Comey Testimony

Former FBI Director Comey testifies before the Senate in an
effort to dish out revenge against Trump for firing him.

Daily Caller  "The establishment media’s bias was on full display following James Comey’s congressional hearing Wednesday. Headlines focused on Comey’s testimony that President Donald Trump “lied,” concealing the more pertinent and shocking revelations exposed during the hearing.

"Comey’s testimony exonerated Trump from allegations of obstruction of justice, and vindicated his claims about Comey telling him three times that he was not, personally, under investigation.

"So, what does the establishment media decide to report: that Donald Trump “lied” about why he fired James Comey.

"With the establishment media so heavily invested in Comey’s testimony destroying the president, they were easily seduced into focusing on the one claim they could use to mislead readers. Comey, referring to an NBC interview in which Trump claims Comey was fired for being a “showboat” and a “grandstander,” while overseeing an FBI that has been in “virtual turmoil,” oh-so shockingly, called them “lies.”

"Sounds like sour grapes from a former employee that got the boot to me." . . .

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