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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The 'Resistance' Goes Live-Fire With Even More Support From Chris Matthews

Can we fairly give credit for all this to Howard Zinn and his "young skulls full of mush"?

Political Cartoons by Mike Lester

Ann Coulter . . . "In CNN's most fevered dreams about a violent uprising of Trump supporters, they never could have conceived of the level of actual violence being perpetrated by Americans who refuse to accept Trump's win. (See Hate Map.) 
      'It began with Trump's inauguration, when a leftist group plotted to pump a debilitating gas into one Trump inaugural ball, military families were assaulted upon leaving the Veterans' Inaugural Ball, and attendees of other balls had water thrown on them. 
     "Since then, masked, armed liberals around the country have formed military-style organizations to beat up conservatives. In liberal towns, the police are regularly ordered to stand down to allow the assaults to proceed unimpeded. 
     "The media only declared a crisis when conservatives fought back, smashing the black-clad beta males. ("Battle for Berkeley!") 
     "There is more media coverage for conservatives' "microaggressions" toward powerful minorities -– such as using the wrong pronoun -- than there is for liberals' physical attacks on conservatives, including macings, concussions and hospitalizations. 
     "And now some nut Bernie Sanders-supporter confirms that it's Republicans standing on a baseball field, before opening fire. 
     "In the media's strategic reporting of the attempted slaughter, we were quickly told that the mass shooter was white, male and had used a gun. We were even told his name. (Because it was not "Mohammed.") 
     "But the fact that Hodgkinson's Facebook page featured a banner of Sanders and the words "Democratic Socialism explained in 3 words: 'We the People' Since 1776" apparently called for hours of meticulous fact-checking by our media. 
"Did reporters think they could keep that information from us forever? 
     "The fake news insists that Trump's White House is in "chaos." No, the country is in chaos. But just like Kathy Griffin and her Trump decapitation performance art -- the perpetrators turn around in doe-eyed innocence and blame Trump. "

Congressman Gets Call Saying “Glad It Happened…Trump Needs to Be Next”  Video

Remorseless leftists celebrate mass shooting  . . . "In the immediate aftermath of Wednesday’s shootings, numerous leftists were similarly combative online. Some were shockingly remorseless in taking to social media to actually celebrate the attempted assassinations of GOP lawmakers." . . .

Chris Matthews Shows Sympathy for Shooter Who Tried To Kill Republicans!   "MSNBC’s Chris Matthews just showed me a side that I hope I never reach in my life."

. . . "Leftists always find a special place in their hearts for a Terrorist.  
"He was a Democrat/Bernie supporter who was fed a steady diet of hatred from the MSM/cable “news” shows/late night comedy(?) shows aimed at not only President Trump but Republicans in general. This was not an “if” situation, it was always a “when.”
"This shooting was inevitable, and just the beginning." . . .

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