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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Only in America: Boys gain sports stardom by beating girls

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William Dodd   "Last week, the Hartford Courant reported that a freshman runner on the Cromwell High School girls' track team won the 100- and 200-meter dashes in a meet with Portland, Stonington, and Old Saybrook High Schools.  The winning freshman ran the 100-meter final in 12.66 seconds and the 200-meter final in 26.08.  

"This year, the 15-year-old track meet winner, Andraya Yearwood, is called a girl in media reports.  But last year, Andraya was on the middle school male track team.  Several months ago, when he announced to his parents that he identified himself as a female, Andraya's parents were fully supportive of their son's new gender discovery.  "Once we identified that she [sic] was transgender, a weight lifted off her [sic] shoulders," his mother said.  "She's [sic] been engaging in so many different things and so confident about what she [sic] is doing that she [sic] is almost a totally different person. And that's what you want to see as a parent: a child that is confident and loves herself [sic]."
"Of note, the last-place finishers at the same track meet in the boys' 100-meter and 200-meter dashes finished their races in 11.73 seconds and 25.59 seconds, respectively.  Andraya would have finished last had he competed with the rest of the boys.  The second-place finisher in the girls' 200-meter dash was last year's winner, Sarah Hall, a junior from Stonington High School and an actual girl.
"The Cromwell track coach couldn't be happier with Andraya's gender revision.  "I have a spectacular female [sic] athlete," . . .

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