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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

When losing an election makes you lose your mind

"When losing an election makes you lose your mind"  "Wow. This column validated by today's shooting." Lucianne

Jewish World Review

Alicia Colon
When losing an election makes you lose your mind

. . . "Ford was trying to save taxpayer money by threatening to veto any bill that would be a federal bailout for NYC to avert default. This angered the bureaucrats, political hacks and unionists who were responsible for the city's financial woes so the media went full tilt against Ford and the voters elected a peanut farmer governor of one of the poorest states in the union.

"This, in spite of the fact that his lieutenant governor was Lester Maddox and he was associated with noted racist George Wallace. Blacks voted overwhelmingly for the Democrats anyway." . . .

"The presidential election of 2016 was an entirely different ball game because the man who won was a completely different animal.

"A billionaire nonpolitician was elected who was also very dangerous to the settled bureaucratic elite in both parties because he is uncontrollable by the special interests that rule Congress. The wrath and derangement that spilled forth after the election and continues still is unprecedented yet not completely surprising.

"Although it made absolutely no sense, the hype for a Hillary Clinton presidency was relentless and overpoweringly waged in all sources, including the media, the Internet and social networks.

"There were very few critics asking the important question --- why this woman?
She carried more baggage than an airport porter yet only one candidate (Trump) chose to call her a criminal." . . .

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