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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Un-Christian Education

"So what is the solution for young Christians who wish to make a difference in college? I say it is to go to a secular school – as long as they are sufficiently grounded in their faith before going. It sure beats going to a school that is Christian in name only and battling narcissistic hypocrites who show no willingness to acknowledge their transgressions." Mike Adams

Mike Adams

Un-Christian Education

"As the end of summer draws near, it occurs to me that I have spent most of it working on four college cases dealing either with freedom of speech or with freedom of association. One case involves unconstitutional viewpoint discrimination in the dissemination of student fees at a public university in California. Another involves unconstitutional interference with the belief requirements of a religious organization at a public university in Colorado. But the other two cases deal with administrators at private schools that claim to be Christian while simultaneously destroying the careers and lives of people who hold dissenting but entirely reasonable views. Intellectual honestly dictates that I use my platform to deal with these “Christian” dictators rather than focusing exclusively on secular tyrants." . . .

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