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Thursday, September 14, 2017

MSNBC's Katy Tur accidentally reveals the left's bizarre mindset

Thomas Lifson  "There is a lot of competition, but MSNBC's Katy Tur is a strong contender for the title of "Most Obnoxious Media Leftist."  In her latest embarrassment, she revealed on Meet The Press Daily a disturbing understanding of what life is like for Americans.  To put it bluntly, in her world, politics is the supreme concern, and all life decisions quite naturally accord priority to the political consequences of personal choices.

"That must be why, without a flicker of hesitation, she could recommend that the Democratic Party simply "recruit" surplus Democrat voters from California to relocate to swing states that voted for Trump.  David Rutz of the Free Beacon presents the exchange (video embedded below):
"Why would the Democratic Party not just recruit people from California to move to Michigan and to Wisconsin?" Tur asked, adding it seemed like a "simplistic answer."
Tur said her friends had "brought this up repeatedly whenever we've talked about what's going on with the Democrats."
"Democrats have more voters, but they're in the wrong places," New York Times reporter Nicholas Confessore said.
Liberal guest Zerlina Maxwell interjected that there are policies in red states that "marginalize communities and that's why we choose to live in places like California and New York."
"Got it," Tur said. . . .
 Her father was Bob Tur but who "is now officially Zoey Tur.
"The TV helicopter pilot, who famously covered the O.J. Simpson Bronco chase and captured the Reginald Denny beating for KCBS in Los Angeles, has completed gender reassignment surgery, TMZ reported."
Katy's father is also known for this altercation with Ben Shapiro:

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