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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Stupid Men in culture

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The denigration of men: Ridiculed, abused, exploited - the triumph of feminism has made today's men second class citizens, argues a deliciously provocative new book.  . . . "If ever we do manage to do something well we’re told it’s because our achievements were handed to us on a plate — probably at the expense of women — and not because we’re skilled and work hard. And, naturally, the problems of the world are all our fault.
"In 2013 the Labour MP Diane Abbott made a damning speech about Britain’s men and boys, smugly announcing that masculinity was ‘in crisis’.
"The then shadow Public Health Minister declared that male culture is a ‘celebration of heartlessness; a lack of respect for women’s autonomy and the normalisation of homophobia’." . . .

MESSAGE to large corporations, small businesses and the advertising agencies they employ:   

In this Subway commercial you can't miss the childishness of the men and the total disrespect for them in the woman's face. You may recognize the woman's expression from many, many other commercials and programs.

This is a safe space for politicians as well, especially rejected ones:
Hillary Clinton mixes it up with Bernie Sanders, blaming him for her loss
"Blaming sexism didn't work, blaming the Russians didn't work, and blaming Trump "the creep" didn't work.  So now Hillary Clinton is blaming Bernie Sanders for her miserable election rout last November." . . .

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