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Friday, September 14, 2018

The rich legacy of Democrats and Republicans since the 1860s

This is the one-page first chapter of the book titled, "Army Memoirs" published in 1894 by Lucius W. Barber, who served with the 15th Illinois Volunteer Infantry, Company 'D'. Sergeant Barber served in the Union Army from May 24, 1861, to Sept. 30, 1865.  the Union Army from May 24, 1861, to Sept. 30, 1865.  
 In his preface to the book, Barber refers to the war as the "War for the Preservation of the American Union". He says of the result of the war as "striking the shackles from four millions of human beings, it has purged our land from the foul stain of human slavery" . . .

Note Barber's discussion of Republicans and Democrats:

Not only were the Democrats comfortable with, and enabling of slavery during that time they wanted to pull out of the war that had cost so many lives to fight, leaving the South a separate, slave-holding nation. John Kerry would have been right at home with that anti-war culture.
They would have called Lucius Barber a "war-monger". TD

From the Time-Life Collectors Library of the Civil War ISBN 0-8094-4458-5.
About the 15th Regiment Illinois Volunteer Infantry
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