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Saturday, September 22, 2018

What if these Democrats on the Judiciary Committee, for example, take power over us after the 2018 elections?

Blue State Blues: Kavanaugh Circus Is a Preview of Democrats’ Return to Power - Breitbart News
If you like what you’ve seen Democrats do in the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, you’re going to love what they do if they win the 2018 midterm elections.
. . . "They intend on turning the House — or the Senate — into a Star Chamber that could make the McCarthy hearings look like a model of procedural fairness.
They are not interested in oversight, any more than they want to hear from Christine Blasey Ford. They want to turn oversight into “overthrow.”
"McClatchy briefly sketched Democrats’ plans Thursday:
Democrats want to examine President Donald Trump’s tax returns. There’s talk of launching an independent commission into his administration’s handling of the hurricane that wracked Puerto Rico. Progressive activists are ready to start impeachment proceedings.
Get ready. If Democrats take control of a chamber in the November election, expect a flood of hearings, investigations, probes and special commissions starting in January.
"Last month, a spreadsheet emerged that listed 100 investigations that Republicans believe Democrats will launch the moment Nancy Pelosi seizes the speaker’s gavel. Many of them are redundant, or ridiculous, aimed only at embarrassing the president and preventing Congress from achieving anything more on his watch." . . .

The left uses non-legal courts of inquiry to enforce politically correct opinions through fear of personal and financial destruction. Here it happens in Canada to Ezra Levant: Opening statement to Human Rights Commission

His magazine published cartoons about Mohammad and the Canadian government wanted to prosecute him by extra-legal processes. Levant declares that the government cannot judge his intent and acceptability
Picture your being required to sit before a panel chosen by Kamala Harris, Maxine Waters, Chuck Schumer , Keith Ellisonand any number of other Democrats. Perhaps you will be told to shut up by the likes of Senator Mazie Hirono. The Tunnel Dweller

More on this: the questions Democrats are likely to ask in similar situations

Jay Marsolo:Democrats: Due process, presumption of innocence do not apply to Kavanaugh
If you do an internet search for "men released from prison for false convictions of rape," you will get many results.  There are many duplicates, but there is no question that we have wrongful convictions of men for rape and other crimes.Some notable examples are two New York men released after 26 years in prisonafter the woman admitted she lied.A Louisiana man was freed after 38 years for a false rape conviction.The Innocence Project's website has a list of cases where convictions have been overturned.Given this, one would think a man with a stellar record, such as Brett Kavanaugh, who gets accused in 2018 by Christine Blasey Ford, a partisan Democrat represented by a partisan Democrat attorney, of a never reported incident in 1982, would be treated fairly, with the accusation subject to close scrutiny.Democrats used to say they cared about due process and the presumption of innocence for those accused of a crime.  But such legal niceties don't matter when the end justifies the means.  The end is maintaining abortion and preventing Brett Kavanaugh from confirmation to the Supreme Court.

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