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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

1880s Gettysburg photos by William H. Tipton, Gettysburg resident

This article is taken from the magnificent work done by Gettysburg scholar and local resident, Randy Drais and posted in his web site, Battle of Gettysburg Buff.

William H. Tipton's Photos at Devil's Den, Gettysburg
 Photographing the Gettysburg Battlefield   I"n 1868, Charles Tyson sold his entire collection of battlefield negatives, and his studio, to William H. Tipton. An apprentice of the Tysons at the time of the battle, Tipton went on to become the most important Gettysburg photographer of the late 19th century. He had a photo studio right in Devils Den and for years served as the official battlefield photographer. His work includes countless views of monuments surrounded by veterans and dignitaries. No group of tourists in the late 1800s would think of leaving Gettysburg without having Tipton capture their visit amongst the rocks of Devil’s Den.
1913 and 2013
"On the left is a photo from 1913 with my grandmother Hazel Putt Nilson and my grandfather Frank Herman Nilson. The other folks are Bill and Verna Hoover. On the right is a photo from June 2013, of me and my partner Joel at the exact same spot."

Of the photo below, the contributor writes: "The first thought that comes to mind when I see "Chamberlain" is that these are the men of the 20th Maine who held Little Round Top on Gettysburg's Second Day, against deadly fire, much of it coming from Devil's Den.

"I think that could be J.L. Chamberlain himself sitting front and center, in what is obviously a reunion photo. Perhaps whoever owned the photo is one of the men pictured here. "
20th Maine Reunion Photo

Mr. Drais' Battle Walks   "If you are visiting Gettysburg and exploring the battlefield, I strongly encourage you to take advantage of the various Ranger Programs, particularly the "Battle Walks" that are devoted to an in-depth look at a particular phase of the battle or a specific and/or often overlooked area of the battlefield such as ..." More here. 

The Trostle barn after the battle:

The Trostle barn now: 

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