Saturday, April 18, 2015

Compare and contrast: Same TV reporter approaches Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio

Thomas Lifson  "The following contrasting videos should be enough to chill the bones of every Democrat sensibly worried about how good a candidate Hillary Clinton will be. Dan Calabrese, of Herman Cain’s website brings us the two videos of the same TMZ reporter walking up to both candidates at an airport as they arrive.

"First, here is Marco Rubio:

"All smiles and affability, Sure, the reporter is not hostile, but anyone could get annoyed at questions about a spouse's past. Instead, Rubio laughs, makes a joke at his own expense, and comes across as a totally likable guy.

Hillary, not so much:

"The Democrats destroyed Mitt Romney’s candidacy by portraying him (absolutely falsely) as unfeeling, rich, out of touch, and uncaring. In contrast, Hillary does a great job of portraying herself in exactly this light.

"Please, Hillary, don’t let the naysayers discourage you. Hang in there, girl, and see this election to the end." Hat tip: iOTWReport

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