Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Mikey Weinstein, Obama’s Personal Czar To Eradicate Christianity In The Military: Nominated for Weasel of the Week (UPDATED)

UPDATE: The winner of the Weasel of the Week nominations! . . ." Now this award, the Golden Weasel, actually celebrates certain human qualities. To be able to freely demonize and attack people you hate just because without fear of consequences, be recognized and rewarded for it by prog fascists and their tools and to make a handsome living doing it, is, to be blunt about it, weasel heaven. Mikey Weinstein has achieved all three, from his posh offices to the Lotus he drives. The president is making sure the Pentagon has his back and he can destroy the careers of far better men with a phone call. Like I said, he’s in weasel heaven. He deserves this statuette and it belongs on the shelf with all the other awards he’s received for his war on Christians in the military." . . .

Nice Deb
"JoshuaPundit : A lot of people have never heard of Michael ‘Mikey’ Weinstein. But he’s an influential point man in one of [commander-in-chief] President Barack Hussein Obama’s most ambitious projects.

"Whether it’s trying to force combat troops to give up their VA benefits, using their coffins as a campaign photo-op or illegally suppressing their votes, President Obama has shown from day one that he pretty much despises the American military, especially their values. Since most Americans do honor our military, the president’s solution is to change the nature of those whom serve to the degree possible. One way is to force as many men as possible out of the service, especially officers, and replace them with people more likely to see things this president’s way, especially when it comes to politics. A second front, if you will, is to change the military’s culture so that any semblance of Judeo-Christian expression and values are eliminated.

"And that’s where a militant atheist like Mikey comes in. You see, Mikey and his ‘Military Religious Freedom Foundation’ are raking in lots of taxpayers dollars to wage war on Christianity in the military as official Pentagon consultants.

"And Mikey Weinstein hates Christians (whom he sees as Tea Party right wingers) and Christianity with a special hatred, as well as religious Jews. He actually blamed Christians for the Fort Hood terrorist attack, saying proselytizing by “fundamentalist Christians”created a hostile environment that caused jihadist Major Nidal Hasan to go on his rampage,

"As a result, both retention and enlistments are way down among believing Christians, who have always been disproportionally represented among those who volunteer for military service. And because Weinstein has particularly targeted chaplains, whom he wants out of uniform and denied all military rank and benefits, recruiting Christian chaplains whom feel they can no longer practice their faith has become extraordinarily difficult.

"What this portends for the future of America’s military is not pleasant to contemplate."

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Related: The Criminalization And Annihilation Of Christianity In America   . . . "Acceptance and compromise is now the litmus test of what it means to be Christian in America according to it’s political, cultural and religious leadership.  “Love” and acceptance and tolerance are the ONLY doctrines of the faith that Christians should follow and observe as they are the only measure that this evil society will look for.

"Sadly the majority of Christians in America have swallowed this deception hook, line and sinker." . . .

 Kirsten Powers to Obama: Stop hectoring Christians and start protecting them
 "When will the Obama administration get serious about the persecution of Christians — or even acknowledge it? Kirsten Powers levels this blast at Barack Obama for his obsession with the crusades of a millenium ago rather than the systematic eradication of Christianity’s oldest communities happening without comment from the US president." . . .

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