Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Clintons; masters of chutzpah

 Political Cartoons by Ken Catalino

Chutzpah meaning: 1. shameless audacity; impudence
 Clinton example: when the Clinton's were exposed to be renting out the Lincoln bedroom at the White House to big donors, they claimed to be victims of the corrupt campaign financing needs in politics. Bill said they would campaign against this very custom and set himself up as the champion of campaign reform. This couple had the very nerve to go from being exposed as the most greedy of politicians to the very ones to clean up corruption in politics. And the media and the public bought it!
Bill Clinton is considered to be a master politician, but he is enabled to be that only because of the willingness of Democrat media/voters to cling to the Clintons.  As George Will said, the Clinton's strength is the inability to be embarrassed by anything. And I would add, the Democrat voters' willingness to settle for mediocrity in all areas of our culture and government. The Tunnel Dweller

Hillary Clinton, of all people, calls for restoring trust in public life  "Bill and Hillary Clinton's durability in American public life is built largely upon their complete inability to be embarrassed or shamed by anything.

"Think about all the controversies, everything they've been involved in. Don't think too graphically, but Cattlegate, Travelgate, the Lincoln Bedroom, Monica, Paula et al. Benghazi. Cutting consulate security there. Violating agreements with the White House. Private email server. Deleted emails. Influence peddling. Opaque transparency on fundraising. Uranium deals. No apologies. Just their immensely enriched bank accounts.

 "So, there Clinton was Wednesday 10 days into her final bid to capture the Oval Office, on a Columbia University stage calling for the restoration of trust in American public life." .

Should Hillary Clinton wear a body camera?
 Political Cartoons by Ken Catalino
 Hillary Clinton to Demand Transparency for Public Officials Not Named Hillary Clinton  . . . "But there's another obvious reason why Hillary Clinton's call for police body cameras is... interesting. Later today, Hillary Clinton is going to stand up on national television and insist that the American people are entitled to an extensive record of evidence documenting the decisions of public officials who are charged with making life or death decisions. The hypocrisy here is too obvious to ignore:" . . .
 . .
While on the subject...
Hillary Clinton Blows off Questions from the Press  "If you’re wondering why the Democratic Party’s presumed 2016 nominee has been quiet lately, you’re not alone.
"Hillary Clinton has answered only seven questions from the media since announcing her run for president.
. . .
"Here Are All Seven Media Questions Hillary Clinton Has Answered During Her Campaign" . . .Read more at the link.

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