Monday, April 27, 2015

UH-OH Watch Out Baltimore: Here Comes Al Sharpton

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"If there was unrest in Baltimore, you ain't seen nothing yet..because here comes the race card version of an ambulance chaser, the faux reverend Al Sharpton

"According to the NY Daily News, Sharpton the supposed preacher who has never heard about the commandment about bearing false witness. will schedule a march from that city to Washington to bring to the doorstep of newly confirmed U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch the deaths of Gray and other black men killed in police custody. Well he has been out of the headlines for a few days...Al gets ill if someone else gets attention
Sharpton said Monday – the day Lynch was to be sworn in and the day of the funeral for Gray, 25 – that activists and faith leaders had urged him to visit the city after the April 19 death of the young black man. Sharpton said he resisted until he learned that a police report, scheduled to be released Friday, would be delayed.
"Hey Al are you sure they said go to Baltimore? Listen closely they may have only been saying "get the hell out of town." police did not immediately confirm that the report, ordered by Police Commissioner Anthony Batts, would not be released on the scheduled day. The investigation will eventually be forwarded to the state attorney’s office, which will decide whether the arresting officers should be charged for their roles in the death of Gray, who suffered serious spinal injuries.
“It is concerning to me that a deadline that the police themselves had set and announced they have now conveniently changed,” Sharpton said in a statement.
"Conveniently? Or they wanted to make sure they did a good job and needed more time.

The group will schedule a two-day march for sometime in May to urge Lynch to quickly investigate the cases involving Gray, Eric Garner, Walter Scott and Eric Harris.
"The U.S. Department of Justice has already announced it will investigate Gray’s death, but they did it without Sharpton first getting some publicity so it doesn't count.  But don't worry Al the mainstream media will cover your latest "get Al publicity" stunt because no one in the media has the guts to call you what you really are--an anti-Semitic racial huckster. 
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