Wednesday, April 15, 2015


New York Times Executive Editor Apologizes For Decade Of Poor Journalism

Ann Coulter "Usually liberals have the decency to wait a few months after one of their rape fantasies collapses to start citing the case as "unresolved" -- it was a tie, the game was rained out, we'll never know what happened.

"But with the apocryphal University of Virginia gang rape, lefties started in right away with the "I guess we'll never know what happened" rewrite.

"Just last week, the Columbia Journalism Review released the results of a months-long investigation into Rolling Stone's story about a violent fraternity gang rape at UVA. As you will recall, the CJR found that the magazine had based its entire story on the delusions of one girl, who freaked out every time the alleged reporter, Sabrina Rubin Erdely, tried to confirm a single fact. 

"As the CJR described the reporter's investigative technique: "Erdely asked Jackie for introductions to friends and family. She asked for text messages to confirm parts of Jackie's account, for records from Jackie's employment at the aquatic center and for health records. She even asked to examine the bloodstained red dress Jackie said she had worn on the night she said she was attacked."

"So as you can see, Erdely is a tough-minded journalist, who went the extra mile to nail down the truth. Yes, she really ASKED for all this stuff." . . .

Read the full article here.

. . . "The Times should be required to wear a criminal ankle bracelet for the rest of its days. Nothing the newspaper writes about that touches on a feminist issue can be believed. Responsible people have got to say to the Times, I'm sorry, this is a feminist topic: You've got to recuse yourself from writing about it.

"Even the Times would have to admit: You're right. We've got a problem. We'll stop writing about campus rape, military rape, equal pay, sexism, the Augusta National Golf Club and Hillary Clinton.

"It's unfortunate that it's come to this, but it's the Times' own fault. When it comes to feminist fantasies, no one can believe anything the newspaper of record says."


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