Monday, April 13, 2015

David Limbaugh: "Why Hillary's candidacy doesn't worry me"

 David Limbaugh has several reasons Clinton is 'a terrible' White House wannabe
Hillary Launches Campain
 David Limbaugh  "Why is Hillary such a terrible candidate, you ask? Let me count the ways, in no particular order, as many of them vie for top seating.
  • Her main qualification is she believes it’s her turn; she’s entitled. It’s not about what she can do for her country; it’s about what her country owes her.
  • Obama has been a dreadful president. Our economy and foreign policy are both in tatters. Our health-care situation is barely managed anarchy. America’s fiscal position, now and projected, is abysmal. People are out of work in record numbers. And never have Americans been more polarized.
  • Obama’s record necessarily taints Hillary Clinton for multitudinous reasons. Her husband’s enthusiastic defense of Obama at the Democratic convention may have saved his presidency. Whatever policy differences the Clintons had with Obama, they effectively buried them there. If that weren’t enough, Hillary was an integral part of Obama’s administration as secretary of state, where she not only embraced his regrettable foreign policy but also contributed to making it worse. Though certain news reports alleged Hillary didn’t agree with Obama on isolated policies, she has been vocally supportive of his policies when speaking on her own behalf, from Obamacare to Israel to “women’s rights.” 
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 David's brother Rush isn't too worked up at present either . . . " RUSH: Saturday Night Live.  I didn't see it, but Saturday Night Live apparently ripped Hillary to shreds in a skit, in an opening skit.  I don't know what about. I don't know what the details were. I just read that it happened.  I don't know that it means anything.  I know a lot of people are going to write that it does.  A lot of people are gonna say, "Hey, you know what?  Saturday Night Live, no conservative show that, and if they start ripping into Mrs. Clinton, that's pop culture, a lot of young people watch Saturday Night Live." 

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