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Thursday, April 28, 2016

To Counter Sanders' Supporters, Focus on Venezuela

First the background:
New Poll Finds Most Millennials Reject Capitalism


"According to a new poll conducted by Harvard, a majority of Millennials reject the idea of capitalism.

"It’s no surprise that a generation of people who grew up in the era of “everyone gets a trophy” reject the idea of unequal rewards based on hard work. Millennials were educated largely by public schools obsessed with the idea of fairness and afraid in some cases to let children play the game of tag.

"One has to wonder if the participants responded on their iPhones."

Socialism Never Works   Rush: "I got a note from Newt Gingrich today, who said, "You know what you ought to do?  You need to do daily reports on Venezuela in order to teach people about the failures of socialism." 

"And, my first reaction: Venezuela?  If Detroit's not doing the trick, how in the world does anybody expect teaching about Venezuela's gonna do the trick? 

"But I wrote him back.  You know, it's an interesting thing.  Essentially this is what I've been trying to do for 27, 28 years, and I've learned what doesn't work.  I mean, Venezuela is literally falling apart.  Have you heard the latest?  The elites, government officials are being told to only go to work two days a week in order save electricity.  It's an absolute abject, total implosion failure. 
"It is all the result of socialism and communism.  And so if you try to point out to either low-information people or young people, Millennials, college students, you're gonna fail every time.  You know why?  Why will you fail?  Why will it not work?  Why does it not work?  I've learned over 27 years that it doesn't work.  You know why?  Because there's no way that your average college student thinks that America would ever become Venezuela.  They personally cannot envision it. 
"So, to say, "You see Venezuela, that's where we're headed."  You lose 'em right there 'cause even if it is possible to happen, they won't consider it.  The same with Cuba.  And my point, if they don't get the failures of the Democrat Party and socialism looking at Detroit, they don't have to study Venezuela.  I mean, you could.  But you know what they would then say?  You stick to Venezuela, you know what they'd then say? 
"Your average Millennial, your average low-information voter would say to me, "Well, at least Hugo Chavez tried.  At least he cared about his people.  At least he tried.  That's more than you Republicans do.  You Republicans, it's all for the rich, and you don't want anybody having any fun.  That's all you care about is who's using the bedroom, marriage, screw it, at least Hugo Chavez tried," and that's going to be their reaction.  So how do you teach and alert young people to the perils of socialism?"

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