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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Commentary on Hillary's Emails

State Department Inspector General’s report demolishes Hillary’s excuses about her private email server  "The 83 page State Department Inspector General’s report on Hillary Clinton’s private email server puts the lie to many of Hillary Clinton’s repeated claims about her unprecedented private email server. No, it was not permitted, and she never asked. And if she had asked, she would have been told it was not permitted. Even the Washington Post editorial board is appalled, publishing a collective rebuke titled, “Clinton’s inexcusable, willful disregard for the rules.” . . .
. . . "As Roger L. Simon notes this morning, the person who could realty move this issue forward is Bernie Sanders, who is on record as being sick and tired of the “damn emails.' ” . . .
Only sexist pigs would dare find fault with her actions 
"Still, Democrats hold to the official party line that no matter how disappointing their presumptive nominee’s negatives appear to be, Donald Trump’s are worse. " 

Hanging Hillary with her own ugly words   "Donald Trump would do himself and this country a huge favor if he would do to Hillary what the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth did to John Kerry in the 2004 election: bring together the people from her past who know the off-stage, off-camera, hard-focus Hillary, and let them share with America their experiences with this woman who would be queen." . . . 

. . .Hillary, angered over the time it was taking the children to find the eggs, reportedly stormed up to a state trooper and raged, "When are they going to get those f****** ree-tards out of here?!"
And the article refers to her general character with this: 
Sorry for the crude language in this piece, but it is necessary, just as those troopers and Secret Service agents accurately quoting the foul-mouthed Hillary Clinton is, to show how the woman is simply too profane, hateful, angry, and unseemly to occupy the Oval Office.
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