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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Does Obama actually drink Flint water, or, well, does he?

Language advisory at the link, regrettably.

Before Its News  . . .  “It’s ridiculous,” exclaimed Jaquita Gable, an auto parts worker from Flint, after hearing Obama’s remarks. “He told us the water is fine. He also said there are only a few pipes that need to be replaced in Flint. Obama did the same as all the rest of the politicians who have come here. He wants to sweep this under the rug. He might as well have stayed in Washington, DC. He figured, ‘Let me talk to them, let me shut them up.’ He told us to use filters, drink the water and go home and be quiet. The main thing you could clearly hear is that there is no money for Flint.” WSWS
"Obama downplayed the seriousness of the situation at one point saying the kids of Flint “will be just fine” and then went on to say he ate paint chips as a kid, so Flint parents shouldn’t worry about their children drinking water with toxic levels of lead in it." . . .

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