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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Lucianne Goldberg: ‘This Is Going To Be A Highly Sexed Campaign… I Believed Every One Of These Women’

2016 : THE RACE


. . . "Goldberg entered history when she famously advised former White House staffer Linda Tripp to record hours of personal conversations with Lewinsky during which the White House intern discussed her affair with Clinton at length.
"Tripp’s recordings were pivotal in breaking the Lewinsky story, which became public after the up-and-coming Matt Drudge reported on his newly minted website,Drudgereport.com, that editors at Newsweek had nixed a story on the subject.
"Goldberg is the founder and proprietor of the popular news forum website Lucianne.com. (Ed. She is also the mother of conservative writer Jonah Goldberg , a contributor to National Review )
“ 'I’ve talked to most of the women,” Goldberg stated. “You can’t talk to them all, life’s not long enough. But the women that became public reached out to me because of my involvement with the Lewinsky affair.”
"I asked whether she found Clinton’s accusers and mistresses to be credible.
"She replied:" . . .

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