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Monday, May 16, 2016

These 12 States Are Fighting Back Against Obama’s Leftist Bathroom Bullying

Well. Obama simply ignores the law when things do not go his way. It will be Karma if Conservative governors refuse to obey his edicts, ignoring the financial price they will have to pay.
As George Will said, the minute a state accepts federal money they immediately become a de facto branch of the US Government. TD


"The Obama administration has taken two extraordinary steps this week in their attempt to pander to so-called “LGBT Rights” activists, and both of them are getting huge backlash. From citizens, and from states.
"First, Obama’s Social Justice Department announced they were filing suit against North Carolina over the state’s passage of HB2, which allows businesses to choose how they wish to operate their public bathrooms (as opposed to the Charlotte City Ordinance that required businesses to allow gender crossover in bathrooms and was the reason the state brought the bill up in the first place.)
"Then, the Obama administration sent out a decree threatening public schools with loss of funding if they do not comply with his personal whim that men should be allowed in women’s bathrooms and locker rooms. A whim shared with, and no doubt celebrated by, perverts with nefarious plans who have spent years trying to get into women’s bathrooms and have built entire grotesque web industries around the video thus obtained. So much the easier, now." . . .
UPDATE: Nancy Pelosi ‘proud’ Obama regime forcing schoolgirls to shower, share bathrooms with boys
“It is nothing new,” she added.  “It is just a guidance to these schools.”

Photo published for Nancy Pelosi 'proud' Obama regime forcing schoolgirls to shower, share bathrooms with boys ⋆..."But as J. Matt Barber noted, it’s much more than just “guidance.”  Schools that violate or ignore Obama’s “guidance” can lose federal funding or be sued by the regime."

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