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Friday, June 3, 2016

America's descent into the third world under Barack Obama

California, the promised land for generations.
Anti-Trump rioters are electing Trump one riot at a time  "For many voters, the presidential election choice is No and No; none of the above.  But as voters see pictures of rioters (and no, their violent activities don't deserve the gentle euphemism of protesters) at  Donald Trump events, which go beyond burning American flags while waving Mexican flags, voters will turn to Donald Trump in disgust.  While the increasingly irrelevant mainstream media won't cover these aspects of the riot and will blame Trump's rhetoric rather than the protesters, uh, rioters, the reality is seeping out as here at American Thinker.

"Don't rioters understand that voters across the country hearing chants of "Make America Mexico again" in English and Spanish reinforces Trump's message?  Apparently not.  
"But notice how the media commentators explode when a Hillary or Bernie event is interrupted by Trump supporters.  Uh oh, hasn't happened, but the talking heads are still whining about Trump supporters as haters.  And those "haters", who are expressing their constitutional rights, are increasing in number.
"Welcome to the riotous summer election season of 2016.  It just might surpass the historic Democratic convention riots of 1968. " 
 Outrageous violence against Trump rally attendees [in] San Jose". . "We are not distant from the point where those elected from such communities will refuse to swear their allegiance to the Constitution, and will be given a pass.  The rationale will go something like this. 
He (she) was elected by this minority group and it is understandable that he/she would be uncomfortable pledging allegiance to the Constitution.Earlier this week, an elected lawmaker Louisiana’s Barbara Norton (D-Shreveport) had a problem with the Declaration of Independence.“Louisiana lawmaker Barbara Norton (D-Shreveport), argued that America’s founding document was racist….For the Declaration of Independence only Caucasians (were) free….” . . .
Below represents only Drudge coverage of America's descent into the third world:

. . . "Trump supporter Debbie Tracey, a U.S. Navy veteran from San Jose, she came to hear Trump speak, she left his rally with two hats a T-shirt and a handful of signs that said "Veterans for Trump."
"Passing in front of a wall of protesters, many chanting in Spanish, she said she supported Trump's call for a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

"I'll go help build the wall because if you are going to come to this country, land of opportunity, you should be here legally," she said. "

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