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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Feminists Upset That Physical Standards For Marines Are Too Tough for Women

Once again, liberals breed mediocrity in everything they touch. Every professional force that stands between us and those who would do us harm is made inept by liberal social engineering. TD

Truth Revolt

"Radical feminists rejoiced with shouts of equality when all combat jobs were opened to women last December. Yet, now they're finding it frustrating that the physical standards to be a Marine are just too dang hard for women.
"Kathleen Wong writes about this at Mic.com, charging that the physical requirements "overwhelmingly weed out women:"
[T]he United States Marine Corps established a new set of physical standards designed to weed out anyone who isn't physically up to par for such a position.
The Marines, which voiced the loudest objections to Defense Secretary Ash Carter's decision, put into place a new plan designed to be more inclusive.
But instead of leveling the playing field, the new standards have generated some shockingly disparate results: Of the recruits who took the test, 86% of the women failed compared to 3% of men.


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