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Friday, June 24, 2016

On Brexit as of noon Friday

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The rout of the globalists
Obama threatened the Brits: if they voted for Brexit, they would "go to the end of the queue."  What a thug our misguided President is - and an ignorant one at that.  The Brits just gave Obama the back of their hand.
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Brexit causes massive crash in global markets   "Great Britain's vote to leave the European Union has resulted in more than 2 trillion dollars in stock losses around the world and currencies taking a big hit as well."
. . . While the future is clouded with uncertainty, the British people have spoken. They like the concept of an independent Great Britain with unique culture, traditions, and history. But it won't lessen the pressure from recent immigrants to adapt to their ways and reject the dominant culture. Great Britain will be making compromises with Muslim immigrants until they realize a vote for England to remain England means nothing without fundamental changes in their assimilation policies." 

Worldwide popular revolt confirmed by Brexit vote  . . . "If the issue was only incompetence, there might have been a fix found for the EU. But again, larger cultural forces are at work. The diversity freaks are all atwitter today claiming that the white hetero-patriarchy is pushing back to try and reestablish white male supremacy. I suppose if your worldview is skewed by racialism and extreme political correctness, that would be true." . . .

Trump makes statement from Scotland on Brexit, turns it into advertorial for his golf course, and then goes full statesman

Political Cartoons by Robert Ariail

Charles C.W. Cooke: The Brexit Vote Was Just the Beginning  "I have seen it suggested — or, perhaps, hoped — that the powers-that-be will simply “ignore” the vote to leave. This is not going to happen. In a strictly legal sense, Parliament is sovereign and can do as it wishes. In consequence, this referendum was technically not binding. Culturally, though, any indication that the government was trying to defy the voters would trigger a catastrophic constitutional crisis. "

Why Britain Was Right to Leave  . . . "And it hasn’t worked, it couldn’t work. The EU was a good idea in 1945, but it has long outlived its initial purpose of reconciling Germany and France. What stands out is that heads of state and politicians in Europe have been surreptitiously building a much wider political entity. Voters are not asked for their consent. Absence of legitimacy is the EU’s main feature. Since there is no procedure for the democratic right to throw out the [expletive deleted], the EU has developed into something never seen before in the world, an oligarchy with soft totalitarian symptoms. Conflicting national interests and global economic factors lead inexorably to the hardening of these totalitarian symptoms."

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