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Thursday, July 7, 2016

More commentary on the Clinton, um, pardon. Includes article by Judge Andrew Napolitano. UPDATED

Are there any Clinton supporters who feel shame over Hillary? Any?
Certainly not Rep. Elijah Cummings.

Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel

FBI Resignations: Where Are They?  . . . "A common training item in the military is the subject of ethics.  I would venture the FBI trains on this topic too.  For 14 years I was trained, or I trained others, to know the difference between a legal order and an illegal order.  And part of any good ethics review is integrity.  Knowing the difference between right and wrong and the importance of having strong moral principles.  These are universal values at the FBI.
"Integrity also comes into play when you see a wrong.
"After basic training -- still a Private (E-1) -- I stood outside my platoon sergeant’s office at parade-rest waiting to meet him and join the platoon.  I waited there a half-hour while he finished his coffee.  A yellowed mimeographed copy of a copy was taped to the lime-green hallway wall.  It was the only thing I could read from where I stood, so I read it over and over again.  I remember every word after 30+ years.  It said:
If you see something wrong and don’t do anything, you’ve just set a new standard.
. . . "As many as 150 FBI agents face the same large, yet simple, decision.  (I think they should have already made the decision over a year ago.)  Did any of them see anything wrong Tuesday when Director Comey ignored his oath and put his career before the FBI?  Because if they did, and because no resignations have been reported, each agent on this case who went back to work today has set a new standard." . . .

Political Cartoons by Ken Catalino
Comey has created a new defense for national security defendants
"It’s already being called “the Hillary Defense.”  Tim Johnson and Marisa Taylor of McClatchy report:
The FBI recommendation not to prosecute Hillary Clinton and her staff on charges of mishandling classified information will give those accused of flouting national security rules a new line of defense even as it highlights a dual standard in how senior government officials are treated, several experts said Wednesday. (snip)
“I intend to use the Hillary defense,” said Sean M. Bigley, a lawyer whose firm handles dozens of cases a year involving national security clearances. “I really question how any agency can say someone is a security risk if the president of the United States did something similar.”
He added, “We’ve had people lose 20-year careers for doing less than what she did.” . . .
Andrew P. Napolitano:  The Department of Political Justice

Illustration on Hillary Clinton's immunity to the rule of law by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

. . . "Thus, in the past two years, the Department of Justice has prosecuted a young sailor for sending a single selfie to his girlfriend that inadvertently showed a submarine sonar screen in its background. It also prosecuted a Marine lieutenant who sent his military superiors a single email about the presence of al Qaeda operatives dressed as local police in a U.S. encampment in Afghanistan — but who inadvertently used his Gmail account rather than his secure government account.

"And it famously prosecuted Gen. David Petraeus for sharing paper copies of his daily calendar in his guarded home with a military colleague also in the home — someone who had a secret security clearance herself — because the calendar inadvertently included secret matters in the pages underneath the calendar.
Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez
"Yet earlier this week, FBI Director James Comey — knowing that his bosses in the Department of Justice would accept his legal conclusions about Mrs. Clinton’s failure to keep state secrets secure because they had removed themselves from independently judging the FBI’s work — told the public that whereas the inadvertence of the above defendants was sufficient to justify their prosecutions, somehow Mrs. Clinton’s repeated recklessness was not.
"It is obvious that a different standard is being applied to Mrs. Clinton than was applied to Gen. Petraeus and the others." . . .

Political Cartoons by Bob Gorrell

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Have you heard of this man's Bidenesque gaffes?  
6 of Don Lemon’s Worst TV Gaffes

Number six gets the award: 
"6. And of course, that time he told a rape victim she could've easily shut down the alleged rape by biting Bill Cosby's penis."

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