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Monday, July 18, 2016

Obama, the answer to racial conflict for the past eight years

Life in Obama's America. 

Obama’s Divide-and-Rule Presidency  . . . "What better way to ensure allegiance than to fabricate a false narrative of wholesale murder, support it with infuriating lies and half-truths that will eventually be dispelled too late to make a difference, and step back while the inevitable violence escalates?  The president can claim to support police because he mouths words to that effect, while actually throwing his entire support behind the radicals, whose leaders he entertains at the White House, and whose actions he enables by faulting the police for his loyalists’ violence and murder.  He can claim to have the cops’ backs, while elevating Al Sharpton, and holding planning conferences with professional agitators, protesters and anarchists, as he has done throughout his presidency, whether during the “Occupy” phase, or the Ferguson phase, or now. " . . .
Image by The Earl of Taint
Open Season on Cops  "Alas, if the past is prologue, there will be no reflection or remorse in black America or at the White House this summer." 

Police shootings and race   " 'In future posts, I will discuss the most controversial aspect of “The War on Cops”: my claim that the current rise in violent crime in many American cities is the result of officers backing off of proactive policing.' ". . .Heather Mac Donald

"Which Obama do you think we should believe? The Obama [who] has been sowing seeds of division of anti-cop sentiment during his entire Presidency, or the Obama who is now calling for no more division and peace?"

SPEWING HATE! People ARE Using Social Media To Criticize Police
"Three Baton Rouge  police officers were lured into an area and killed on Sunday and members of social media jumped online to praise  the attack. More  entries like the one above  have not been removed as of the release of this  story."

"The White House was not dimmed to blue lighting; in fact, during one press briefing last week, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest explicitly stated that there are no plans of illuminating the residence blue in honor of the officers  . . but the official residence was turned into a rainbow on the day the Supreme Court struck down laws banning same-sex marriage. If they’re worried that turning the White House blue might look political, that’s weak sauce. If a gay marriage ruling can move the White House to taste the rainbow, then illuminating it in blue for the five officers who were all but assassinated in Dallas isn’t just appropriate—it’s required.

Ole Miss Chancellor Under Fire By Black Lives Matter For Mourning Dallas Police Officers Killed…

Congressional Black Caucus Chairman Asks Blacks To Stop Killing Cops…

University Apologizes To Students For Housing “Racist” Cops On Campus During RNC, Offers Special Snowflakes “Safe Spaces” And Counseling…  Good grief.
"Cleveland.com reported that the “university will offer counseling and support services and a ‘safe space’ for those who want to express their concerns about housing police on campus and the convention,” Cleveland.com reported."

But this is not traumatic for the precious snowflakes? FLASHBACK: Nation of Islam Leader Farrakhan Says, “Rise Up and Kill Those Who Kill Us!” (VIDEO)

Obama: Police Can 'Make the Job of Being a Cop a Lot Safer' by Admitting Their Failures  "America's police will be safer when they admit they have a problem, Pres. Obama declared on Sunday at a bilateral event with the prime minister of Spain in Madrid."

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