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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Obama has never been the man to heal wounds

The moment Obama lit the match  "Mike Lester illustrates president's first move in stoking racial resentment in America."


Althouse: "Clinton’s message has been that America is divided by race and gender, and suddenly we see a horrifying uptick in police shootings because it fits that world view."

Ann Althouse links to Dilbert creator Scott Adams, who posted: . . . "Have you ever noticed that professional sports teams are great at overcoming racism and getting everyone to play together? That’s because the coach has persuaded the players to see the team as their dominant identity. Trump can do the same with America."

NRO: Black Lives Matter – Words Have Consequences  . . . "Who really has blood on their hands? The killer and anyone who helped him. Who should feel guilt and shame? Each and every Twitter troll or Black Lives Matter marcher who called for violence and blood on the streets. For those people, sunlight is the best disinfectant. They should be relentlessly exposed and discredited. And any movement that harbors them, that marches with them, or excuses their rage as somehow “understandable” or “justifiable” or “predictable” should be rejected. 

"Surely the Left will agree. After all, if they were willing to condemn Sarah Palin without evidence, surely they’ll reject Black Lives Matter extremism with evidence." . . .

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