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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Who do Democrats fear most, Republicans or ISIS?

Not one DNC speaker has mentioned terrorism yet  . . . “ 'On night one of the Democrat convention, we saw lots of boos, infighting, steamrolled votes and controversy, but amid 61 speakers, we heard not one mention of the greatest terrorist threat facing America today,” said Raj Shah, a spokesman for the Republican national committee.

"The non-partisan Web site PolitiFact confirmed the claim after analyzing transcripts and video archives." . . .

As ISIS Attacks Mount, Dems Target The Real Threats: Refrigerators And The Rich  . . . "Secretary of State John Kerry on Friday -- and we are not making this up -- equated the global war against refrigerants with the war against ISIS." . . .

Did anyone say ISIS?  "The Democrat convention is all about turning Trump into a racist and sexist monster. Unfortunately, the real monster who just killed a priest in France was overlooked

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 4.16.58 PM"Some delegates are defending the lack of ISIS saying that there is a theme nightly and terror was not on Monday's agenda . . ."
But remember, Trump is the real enemy, not these people. (Right)

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