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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Here’s How Hillary Bought Off Bernie… Sanders Fans Will be Horrified

Ben Garrison Cartoons
Conservative Tribune  "For a brief time in May, it appeared that the Democrats would be the ones heading into a contested convention. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders was close enough to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that he could have made a real mess of her coronation if he chose to.

"Instead, Sanders gradually bowed down to Clinton, paving the way for her coronation. Many of Sanders’ most diehard supporters were shocked and dismayed by this and wondered why Sanders’ vows to continue his “political revolution” to the convention floor simply died away.

"The answer to that question may surprise many people. Buzzfeed reported that a memo from the Sanders campaign showed just how much to cost to get Sanders to give up his challenge: one airplane.

"That’s right, the leader of the socialist revolution, a self­ proclaimed outsider, an environmental activist who thinks global warming is a greater threat to mankind than Islamic terrorism and a man who everyone said stuck to his principles sold out his millions of devoted disciples for a big plane that pollutes the atmosphere and a couple speaking slots.

"How ironic coming from the man who decried corporate greed for over a year.
Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel

. . . “Sen. Bernie Sanders will back Hillary Clinton in exchange for speaking opportunities at fall campaign rallies, a fully funded campaign aircraft and a share of the credit for her hoped ­for election, according to a negotiating memo obtained by BuzzFeed News and dated two days before the June 7 California primary,” Breitbart reported.
. . .
"The memo pointed out that Sanders could simply threaten a contested convention to get his way. For someone who claimed to be an outsider, he sure knows how to play the political game well.

"It’s clear that Sanders doesn’t care about anything other than his own political future. The leaked DNC emails showing that they conspired against him should have caused him to rally his supporters, but he has simply brushed them aside and continued to kowtow to Clinton in front of the whole world." . . .

Bernie Sanders sell out political cartoon

Bernie Sanders and the Art of the Sell-Out  "Bernie Sanders made his deal with the Clinton Machine, but can he force his followers to accept it? I am skeptical, but then again, the Democrats have the full support of the media in generating whatever narratives they wish.  All of those naïve kids who believed that the system is rigged and therefore they deserve free stuff are supposed to fall in line and turn out to vote for Hillary.  But they have just confirmed the first part of the proposition that animated their political activities the last few months." . . .

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