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Friday, July 15, 2016

Words we all need to hear: Tim Scott Shares Personal Stories as a Black Man of 'Frustration' with Cops

PJ Media

"Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) revealed today that he's been stopped seven times in the past year by law enforcement for "trivial" reasons in a highly personal speech focusing on experiences of black men and police stops.

"Scott called it his "most difficult" floor speech of the week because "it's the most personal."
The senator said most police "have two things on their minds: protect and serve."

However, he added, "we do have serious issues that must be resolved" -- the "deep divide" between the black community and law enforcement in many cities, "a trust gap" and "tension that has been growing for decades."
"And as a family, one American family, we cannot ignore these issues."

"Stressing that Americans should be "thankful" for the good job most police officers do, Scott added that "some do not" do a good job.

" 'I've experienced it myself," he said. "... I shuddered when I heard Eric Garner say, 'I can't breathe.' I wept when I watched Walter Scott turn and run away and get shot and killed from the back. And I broke when I heard the 4-year-old daughter of Philando Castile's girlfriend tell her mother, 'It's OK; I'm right here with you."

" 'These are people lost forever. Fathers, brothers, sons. Some will say and maybe even scream, 'But they had criminal records! They were criminals! They spent time in jail!' And while having a record should not sentence you to death, I say, OK then -- I will share with you some of my own experiences or the experiences of good friends or other professionals."

    What a shame that admirable people like Sen. Scott must pay the price for not only police who may have an axe to grind and the Jim Crow culture that has faded but still lurks among whites - including my own biological family in Mississippi - but for those vast numbers of police who simply fear being murdered or beaten within an inch of their lives.
    Those hordes of blacks ransacking businesses, playing the "knock-out game" on passing whites, murdering foreign tourists, shooting an Australian baseball player who was just a "white guy" passing by, cheering black leaders who call for the death of whites; these would make me be on edge in a traffic encounter with a black person that I do not know.
    As with the search for "peaceful Muslims" where are the mass demonstrations by blacks and their Democrat enablers against the rioters, the pandering politicians, and the Black Power academics? We have seen many admirable individual blacks since the Dallas shootings, people who are a source of strength in our society. But where is there an anti-BLM movement? Where is any sign of anger at what African-Americans must suffer at the hands of violent people in their midst?
    I deeply regret that honorable people like Sen. Scott must suffer this indignity, yet blame all around must be honestly and equitably be discussed without political pandering and fear of death threats.  
    Senator Scott, you do deserve much more honor and respect than you have received. You have been victimized ( I hate that word!) by racial hate in so many corners of this society and I am so sorry for that. We can fearlessly speak against what we might see from authorities, but as for speaking against black threats, we are terrorized by what we fear from BLM people and white leftists.  The Tunnel Dweller 

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