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Saturday, August 27, 2016

A tale of two movies

Dan Joppich  "One of the silliest movies ever to hit the theatres is coming out this weekend.  It’s a movie based on Obama’s and Michelle’s first date.  My only interest in this movie is to see if it exceeds the box office success of Dinesh D’Souza’s recent movie, Hillary’s America.
"I mention it here in contrast to an interview this week on NPR with another black pioneer and the release of a movie based on his life and career that had to be somewhat uncomfortable for the liberal interviewer.  The movie, Floyd Norman: An Animated Life, is about the first black animator at Disney Studios.  Everything about this gentleman’s life is counter to the liberal progressive meme.  No matter how the interviewer tried to spin some kind of black triumph moment from Mr. Norman, he just couldn’t.  The 81-year-old said flat out that he has never in his entire life experienced any form of racism.

"How can that be?  It was the fifties, and this was a Disney studio, churning out one racist movie after another.

"Maybe it’s not as unusual as the liberal black racial divide industrialists like Sharpton and J. Jackson would have us believe." . . .

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