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Monday, August 29, 2016

American Silliness 8/29/2016

Carlos Danger rides again  . . . "Exit question: In the event that Hillary Clinton manages to become the next president in spite of her many ethical lapses and general air of dishonesty, one assumes that Huma Abedin will be spending a lot of time in the West Wing. Will her husband be tagging along for any visits? I only ask because Clinton is already famous for having trouble related to her handling of email and internet accessible documents, but Weiner clearly shouldn’t be near any sensitive materials with a camera enabled cell phone. We wouldn’t want the Russians getting hold of the launch codes, even if they had to crop Anthony Weiner’s crotch out of the photo." . . .
Ann Althouse comments: It's just another phallic Monday.
And a reader added this:
Though Huma and Wiener would do OK as the butt of a great deal of nasty humor, it's just that nobody in the whole foursome has any kind of redeeming qualities.
"Obamastan"?  "While Kapernick’s insertion of himself into the boiling racial cauldron of late stage Obamastan made him a hero to social justice weasels across the land, some fans were so outraged that they burned his jerseys." 

I'm sure there are issues where law-abiding African-Americans are mistreated, but the CJW's have done the worst possible job of making their case, using Sharpton, Farrakhan, looters, assassins, and Michelle Obama to present the worst possible picture of their stated plight. TD

Refs say Colin Kaepernick used racial slur

SPLC To List White Lives Matter Movement As A Hate Group, #BLM Omitted For Condemning Violence…   . . . "The Southern Poverty Law Center took notice after many requests to label the Black Lives Matter movement a hate group came across its figurative desks in the wake of the murder of eight Dallas and Baton Rouge police officers." . . .

Obama Refused To Meet With Family Of American Woman Killed While Being Held Hostage By ISIS…   Video
"If she were being held by Iran…
..The Muellers say President Obama twice refused to meet with them after their daughter was taken by ISIS and only agreed to see them after American hostages James Foley and Steven Sotloff had been brutally murdered by ISIS.
One of our first gender-neutral bathrooms

Hat tip to Don Standlee: Arlington, TX

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