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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Benghazi Victim’s Dad Reads Out Of His Diary To Prove Hillary ‘Lied’ [VIDEO]

Daily Caller  "Charles Woods, father of slain Benghazi hero Tyrone Woods, blasted Hillary Clinton Tuesday for lying to himself and to the American people after reading out of his diary the remarks Clinton told him at his son’s casket ceremony in 2012.
"Appearing on “CNN Newsroom” host Carol Costello asked Woods to respond to Clinton’s attempt to discredit the family’s of the Benghazi victims who have criticized her for blaming a video for the deaths of their children instead of blaming the planned terrorist attack.

Below: "The father of a Benghazi victim destroys CNN's Costello's attempts to deflect for Hillary Clinton"

"Yesterday on CNN, Patrica Smith, the mother of Sean Smith, one of the other Americans who was killed in the Benghazi terrorist attack blasted Clinton, arguing that the former secretary of state “kills people.”(RELATED: Mother Of Benghazi Victim: Hillary Clinton ‘Kills People’ [VIDEO])
"Last Sunday in an interview on “Fox News Sunday,” Clinton attempted to discredit Smith, arguing that she “may not fully recall everything that was or wasn’t said.' ”

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