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Friday, August 12, 2016

Congress still doesn't know why CENTCOM cooked the books in ISIS intel

When you appoint a short story writer to an important seat on the National Security Council, ignorance becomes a badge of honor.
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Rick Moran  "Two congressional reports on CENTCOM's handling of ISIS related intel have concluded that superior officers intervened with analysts to get them to report on progress against the terrorists more positively.
"Fifty of those analysts complained to the Pentagon inspector general that their analyses were being altered.
"Motivation for cooking the books is unknown. There has been no link discovered that would lead back to the White House, although Republicans speculate that officers at CENTCOM tailored their reports to the White House narrative on the war against ISIS, which claimed we were making good progress. Why they would do this may be as simple as trying to curry favor.
"Whoever ordered the altering of intelligence reports, the scandal has set us back in the war against Islamic State.
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