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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Note to GOPers shying away from Trump: Hillary Clinton a clear and present danger to U.S

Joe Newby

Clinton - a clear and present danger to America

"On Friday, the Atlantic posted a list of “major” Republican figures and listed where they stand on Donald Trump, the current GOP nominee.  Other alleged Republicans say they’ll vote for Hillary Clinton, perhaps the most evil person ever nominated by a major party for the highest office in the land.  Perhaps they don’t understand that Hillary Clinton presents a clear and present danger to the United States.
"Let me explain why.
"For starters, Clinton has spent more than 40 years lying and scheming her way to the top.  There’s simply not enough space here to list all the lies, but there is a video showing her lying for some 13 minutes.
"Despite what some may think, Clinton is every bit the Marxist that Obama is.  As we noted last April, she once called for Marxist redistribution for “the common good.”  This is hardly something any true Republican can support.
"She’s hardly a supporter of the First Amendment, and she absolutely loathes the Second.
"Then there’s her history regarding the single greatest threat not just to America, but the West as a whole — radical Islamic terrorism." . . .
You may recall that her husband "loathes" the military. In addition, you may all know the stories of Hillary's treatment of our military.

Leftists, as a general rule have little respect for our military. Example:  Every Marine an Umbrellaman


People who cheer for and adore Hillary and Obama are indeed worthy of contempt in my view.

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