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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Teaching Tolerance

"Politically Correct Segregation. I think all of these university African American Centers and Hispanic Centers are uniformly pathetic. The NAACP won the war against segregation. Then the diversity movement started to re-segregate – all the while asking the taxpayers to support it in the name of “tolerance.” The next thing you know the diversity crowd will be demanding separate “colored” and “white” restrooms."

Mike Adams
Teaching Tolerance

Author’s Note: The following is my planned class introduction for all three of my courses this fall semester at The University of North Carolina – Wilmington. My first-day-of-class remarks are reproduced here for your reading pleasure. It is not a word for word reproduction.  But it’s pretty close. So enjoy!

"Welcome back to another semester at UNCW! I am excited to have each and every one of you in my class. However, some of you may not be excited to have me as a professor. Each semester, I get at least one bad teaching evaluation from a student who never heard of me before enrolling in the class. Usually the student is a “progressive” who later finds out who I am and then wants to drop the class because he/she/undecided lacks the requisite tolerance to be in the presence of someone who holds different ideas. Since this discovery is often made after the drop date has passed, the student cannot get out of the class. Being stuck with a single non­leftist professor is just too much for them to handle both emotionally and intellectually.

"Although I will not be discussing my political views in class, I thought I would just give you all a basic run­down of all things these thin­skinned leftists support that I don’t believe in – just in case you are one of them and simply cannot bear the thought of having even a single conservative professor in college. If your view of tolerance causes you to be intolerant of any of the views I express then feel free to go pick up a drop slip. I would not want to force you to stay in my class any more than I would try to force you to bake a cake for my wedding." . . . 
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