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Thursday, September 8, 2016

"January 20, 2017 can't come soon enough": Rick Moran

Philippines president Rodrigo Duerte apologized at the Group of Twenty Summit for publicly calling President Obama a son of a whore. He said he didn’t intend any disrespect. It’s just that he’s been watching Donald Trump and he thought that’s the traditional way you address Democrats.  Comedian Argus Hamilton

Rick Moran: In Laos, Obama twice accuses Americans of being 'lazy'   "He just can't help himself.
"President Obama is the only president in memory - perhaps ever - who enjoys insulting Americans while overseas.
"He does it for approval, of course. Much of the rest of the world hates the US and Obama plays to that irrational, anti-American feeling by tearing down his own country.  " . . .
His "transformation" of America isn't so much bringing Euro-socialism to our shores, as it is humbling and humiliating the US and its citizens, denying American exceptionalism, and always weakening our ability to defend ourselves.
Debra Heine at PJ Media discusses this as well  . . . "Eight years have passed since then and America  -- home of the lazy, racist, bitter clingers -- still disappoints Obama. Thank goodness his long national nightmare will be over in just a few more months."

One theory of Obama's high approval rating:  . . . "In his self-imposed retreat, Obama makes no effort to defend the Affordable Care Act, which is all but disintegrating, as major insurers pull out and costs skyrocket. Ditto the Iran deal. Obama is learning that it is better to be quiet about Iranian violations, ransom for hostages, and provocations than to explain them away. 

"Obama months ago gave up mentioning how the crushing national debt has almost doubled to nearly $20 trillion under his watch. No one seems to be defending the Obama administration’s lax immigration and border-enforcement policies. 

"He is also silent on his foreign policy — “reset” with Russia, the abrupt pullout from Iraq, the intervention in Libya, the growth of the Islamic State, the disintegration of Syria, and the decision not to associate global terrorism with radical Islamism.

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