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Friday, September 9, 2016

The Un-compelling Ms. Clinton

Hat tip to Kevin Larkin; Ozark, MO

NRO: Clinton is such an uncompelling candidate, she has made her campaign all about Trump. . . . "And yet for all of Donald Trump’s weaknesses, Hillary is barely leading him. According to the new CNN poll, her voters are less enthusiastic than his are. Her unfavorable rating is just a tick below his when he has spent a year gleefully trampling every political piety and she is determinedly cautious and colorless. 

"It is telling that at the height of her lead in August, she was almost entirely absent. She let Trump dictate the pace of the campaign, often to his own detriment. As he has become more disciplined, this approach may have reached its natural limit." . . .  Read more

Unfair Treatment of Hillary? Give Us a Break  . . . "Clinton’s press conference yesterday — her first in 278 days — consisted of only six questions, none of which demanded serious answers on serious subjects. Among the most noteworthy were two about media bias, one asking, “Do you think you’re treated differently because you’re a woman?” and the other wondering whether Clinton believes the media are going too easy on Trump."

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