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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Trump's gamble in Mexico

Love or loathe it, Donald Trump is setting the agenda again
When a news story begins with the words "love it or hate it", it has always meant they hate it. Or him.
"Wednesday was a good day for Donald Trump, a reminder of why we shouldn’t underestimate him. It’s not that he did or said anything particularly different – he just did his old thing in a more effective way." . . .
Trump's Mexico trip: ‘Hasty’ or ‘nimble’?  . . . "If Trump can win that war against the elites of both parties and their media abettors, he will have proven himself to be more than nimble.  He will have prove himself a leader whom all who want to hold back America's return to greatness will have to reckon with."

Roger L. Simon at PJ Media opines: Trump Does Brilliantly in Mexico
"Ever since Kellyanne Conway and Steve Bannon have joined the campaign, Trump has performed nearly flawlessly. This can't be entirely accidental.
"The next step will his immigration speech tonight.  We'll be listening."

A Great Day for Trump   "If history still matters, August 31, 2016 will mark the turning point in Donald Trump’s march to the White House. Hugh Hewitt, as objective a Trump observer as the right has to offer, spoke with real authority to a stunned MSNBC audience. Thanks, by the way, to Media Matters for transcribing the quote below from last night:" . . .

Political Cartoons by Glenn McCoy
Ambassador John Bolton thought Trump was a gamble that paid off:
"There were certainly upsides to its potential, but there were risks, as well, and that it was something daring and dramatic, which you will never see from Hillary Clinton.”  "He noted Trump took this gamble “at a time when his campaign was behind Clinton, in polls all across the country and in battleground states.' ”

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