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Thursday, September 1, 2016

On the Trump immigration speech and policy

Highlights Of Trump Immigration Speech: Our Greatest Compassion Has To Be For American Citizens

Trump Returns to 'Law and Order' Script on Immigration  . . . "Immigration is often discussed in Washington in an economic context—in terms of guest-worker programs, importing lucrative brainpower, and the cost and flow of labor, for example."

Trump delivered a tough speech in Phoenix Thursday where he called for a deportation task force

"Trump made only brief references to such issues Wednesday. The first eight points of his ten-point immigration proposal were firmly about security, whether the focus was the southern border with Mexico or denying visas to individuals from "any place where screening cannot occur". His stances have been described as hardline and his tone harsh. But all aspects of his presentation were familiar, including the substance and stated intentions he has had for the country for months. And the anticipated softening of his proposal wasn't there." . . .
NY Times on Trump's immigration plan

Another member of Trump’s Hispanic advisory council withdraws his support over last night’s immigration speech  . . . "But as for courting Latinos, [Ari] Fleischer said, “I’m afraid it’s too late. He likely has already made too many Hispanics think he doesn’t want them in the country. They’re not listening to his next sentence. He’s already lost too much support that his words now won’t make any meaningful difference.”

Trump says final deportation decisions come at a 'later date' and promises 'quite a bit of softening' hours after tough-talk immigration speech   "A day after he gave a tough speech on immigration in Phoenix where he vowed to kick out 'the most dangerous criminal illegal aliens,' Republican Donald Trump told a conservative radio host there was indeed a 'softening' in his position.

" 'Oh, there's softening,' Trump told radio host Laura Ingraham Thursday.
'Look, we do it in a very humane way, and we're going to see with the people that are in the country,' he said, referencing deportations of undocumented immigrants. 

"'Obviously I want to get the gang members out, the drug peddlers out, I want to get the drug dealers out. We've got a lot of people in this country that you can't have, and those people we'll get out,' he said, in comments reported by Politico." . . .

Political Cartoons by Nate Beeler

Not unrelated posts: 
The Terrorist Threat from the Southern ‘Border’   "Donald J. Trump met today with Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto and later flies to Arizona for a much- anticipated speech on immigration. On these and similar occasions, it would behoove the Republican presidential nominee to go beyond the usual concerns about Mexican and Central American migrants crossing America’s southern “border.” Trump should focus, privately and publicly, on what U.S. officials call “Other Than Mexicans.”

Illegal Alien Driver Crashes Bus In Louisiana "Even using the sanitized term “undocumented worker” can’t paper over the serious nature of what happened.
. . . "A New York Daily News headline glossed over all of this saying, “Bus full of Louisiana flood workers crashes, killing 2, including fire chief, over 30 injured.” The number of injuries has since risen to 41.
"The bus was full of flood workers, many of them also illegal aliens.

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